Easytronic is the branch of A2ai which specifically dealing in Robot’s design and development.
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“We build technology products that move the way people move.”

Our Focus.

We’re an A.I. company creating robot assistants that help people with chores so people can focus on work they care most about. At A2ai, we are enabling the workforce of the future by deploying robots that combine human intelligence, instinct and judgment with the strength, endurance and precision of machines.

Our Products.

Android Control Spy Robot

An Android based application, RC Bluetooth controller is used to control in this spy robot. This robot can be controlled with the help an app of Android phones. The proposed system also shows that how a robot can be used for spy & rescuing purpose.
There are various types of situation where a person cannot go to check or help or to take a specific action. At those points if we can use the robots then we can solve any problems or save lives. For this we have to design a system in which we can receive signals and give it to controller by decoding it so that controller can drive the robot and there must be a transmitter (mobile phone) which can send the commands to the robot.

Floor washing Robot

The whole point of robotic cleaners is to let them do the work for you. Robot mops do a nice job of keeping your floors clean, mops features, smart navigation technology, large dustbin and water reservoir.
The robot has a fibre roller and a rubber squeegee. The water trickles down to holes in the roller which spins, washing the floor as it rotates. The rubber squeegee scrapes up any dirty water residue ensuring the floor is dry enough to walk on straight away.

IOT Based Greenhouse Monitoring System

A greenhouse is a structure that is built of walls and a transparent roof and is designed to maintain regulated climatic conditions. These structures are used for the cultivation of plants, fruits, and vegetables which require a particular level of sunlight, temperature, humidity and soil moisture.
IOT and Arduino based Greenhouse Environment Monitoring and Controlling Project is designed to maintain these conditions in the greenhouse.

Irrigation system using Arduino Uno and soil moisture sensor

We proposes an automated irrigation using Arduino microcontroller system which is cost effective and can be used farm field or average home garden. The proposed system is developed to automatically water the plants when the soil moisture sensor has detected the soil is insufficient of water by using the Arduino as the center core. The automated irrigation system is a fully functional prototype which consists of a soil moisture sensor, an LCD display to show the moisture percentage and pump status.
In this system, soil moisture sensor senses the moisture level of the soil. If soil will get dry then sensor senses low moisture level and automatically switches on the water pump to supply water to the plant.

Automation with Alexa (Smarty)

Smarty is a series of products from Easytronic that enables users to control home electronics from anywhere. The product suite includes a switch, motion sensor, Insight Switch, camera and app.
The Smarty Switch can be plugged into any home outlet, which can then be controlled from an iOS or Android smartphone via home WiFi or mobile phone network.

Control Door Lock system

A wireless remote controlled lock system for a pedestrian door for a residential or commercial building wherein said door includes a door jamb adapted to support a striker plate co-operable with said door for latching said door in a closed and locked position.
A striker assembly adapted to mount on said jamb and including a striker plate member moveable between a first position to allow said door to open and a second position for locking said door in a closed position

Smart Helmet

A smart helmet is a type of protective headgear used by the rider which makes bike driving safer than before. The main purpose of this helmet is to provide safety for the rider. This can be implemented by using advanced features like alcohol detection, accident identification, location tracking, use as a hands free device, fall detection
This makes it not only a smart helmet but also a feature of a smart bike. It is compulsory to wear the helmet, without which the ignition switch cannot turn ON.
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