The Problem
EzzyShip was working as a facilitator between the customer and various online retailers platform, from where customer place the order and retailers was unable to deliver products as per their policy. EzzyShip Company was facing the challenge to handle the customer’s order in the warehouse, order tracking, warehousing processing, custom & taxes calculation, order consolidation and manifest, real-time status directing to customers.

The Solution.

We created Ezzytrace software using the latest AI technology, which has all the functionality inbuilt like

  • Customer registration to order placing
  • Auto box scanning & detailing
  • Order Manifesting & consolidation
  • Freight, Custom & Taxes rates predication
  • Auto Label & Bar code scanning
  • Real-time Order’s status generation
  • Status’s email triggering system to the customer and other services provider
  • Report generation & Visual interpretation
  • CRM Module
  • Promotional Module
  • Integrate with different Payment, Gmail & FedEx gateway
  • Impact.

    Fully the auto functional tool gives the status to customers order on a real-time basis and also, handles his/her queries in a very simple and sophisticated manner. The inbuilt Chat-Bot auto-reply more than 90 % of the customer’s queries on a real-time basis.

  • Cost and Manpower saving
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • System work 24*7
  • Smooth the Warehouse process
  • Auto Label, Bar code scanning & printing make life easy to handling order process
  • Real-time report generation
  • Technology

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